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I went to Ayvan Studio with an idea for creating a useful & stylish kitchen design, after one of my friends had a good experience working with Shadi to visualise a luxurious renovation. This felt like a big project for me, considering the heart of any home is the kitchen! Shadi provided professional consultation and 3D visualisation. The design of my white membrane cabinet is a unique combination of classic inlays, and the golden color has given a special beauty to that corner of the house. I would recommend Ayvan Studio to my friends as I’m pleased with the design.

Farah Mogharebian


Design Consultation

For home and office spaces, I offer a specialised  interior design consultation service, which incorporates the beauty of my Persian heritage with Feng Shui to bring grace and harmony to your space. 

Comfort at Home

So many of us are seeking  peace and comfort from the preoccupations of life and stress. You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are in your own space. Our homes can serve as sanctuaries from the hustle and bustle if we design them with intention, integrating the guidance of ancient knowledge and the planning power of the  latest technologies.


Persian Design

Traditional Persian architecture is over 6,000 years old and Is one of the world’s most cherished aesthetics. Geometry, introversion, and minimalism designs are strong elements. Persian handicrafts are treasured and imported across the world, especially Persian rugs, art and textiles.

Feng Shui

For more than 3,000 years, Feng Shui has been a part of the kaleidoscope of life. It’s principles can have positive impact on the relationships between people, business, material wealth, abundance and success, and of course, interior design.

I incorporate Feng Shui principles to guide me in arranging objects and space to achieve greater harmony and balance in the circulation of energy. This technique has the power to contribute to a sense of calm and presence. It's not just an art; it’s not math; it’s the algorithms of the cosmos. 


Ayvan’s interior design consultation services include 3D visualisation to show you your desired effect. Book a free 20-minute discovery call if you are interested in finding out more about how you can transform your space, and make it work for you at every level.

The Next Step
Take advantage of a free discovery call to talk through your project.