Bagua map & its relation with Feng Shui elements

The goal of feng shui in interior design is to create a space for the free movement of Chi energy, which is achieved by balancing our surroundings. One way to create harmonious space is to use five elements of Feng Shui.

Bagua literally means "eight symbols" and is known in Feng Shui as the energy map in the house. With this map, you can easily find out which object should be located in what part of the house or what colour is the most efficient to use. It also assists to create enough balance and arrangement of equipment that you get the energy you require.

Five elements of Feng Shui include the essential substances of our lives, such as fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. Each of these elements is associated with one of the Bagua map areas. They have a unique energy that is represented in specific colours, compass directions, shapes, and seasons.

  • Earth is associated with stability, nourishment, and control.

Area: Health, knowledge, and relationships

Colour: Browns, tans, ochre, and yellow

Shape: Square and rectangular shapes

Season: Transitions between the seasons

  • Metal represents focus and clarity.

Area: Helpful people and children

Colour: White, metallic, pale greys, and blues

Shape: Circular, spherical

Season: Autumn

  • Water is linked with abundance, prosperity, movement, purification, and the flow of emotions.

Area: career

Colour: Black, dark grey, and dark blue

Shape: Formless and undulating

Season: Winter

  • Wood demonstrates new beginnings, cooperation, and growth.

Area: Family and wealth

Colour: Green, mid-blue, and teal

Shape: Columnar, rectangular

Season: Spring

  • Fire illustrates energy, passion, expansion, and transformation.

Area: Fame

Colour: Red, orange and yellow

Shape: Triangular

Season: Summer

All objects and phenomenons around us consist of one or more elements of Feng Shui. Locating these elements in the proper position determines the Chi energy in our environment. All the colors used in feng shui are taken from nature which has an essential role to calm down people.

The communication cycle of the Feng Shui elements are in 2 forms:

1. Productive cycle:

  • Earth strengthens metal

  • Metal strengthens water

  • Water strengthens wood

  • Wood strengthens fire

  • Fire strengthens earth

The productive cycle can be used when you are required to reinforce a particular element in Feng Shui. For instance, to strengthen the fire element in a specific area of your home, in addition to utilizing fire elements, you can employ wood. Because fire feeds on wood.

2. Destructive cycle:

  • Earth destroys water

  • Water destroys fire

  • Fire destroys metal

  • Metal destroys wood

  • Wood destroys earth

You can use the destructive cycle when you need to weaken a particular element in Feng Shui. For example, to reduce the power of the water element in a specific area of your home, you can use the earth element to eliminate excess water energy.

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